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Many cardiovascular conditions are now treatable using techniques that don’t require a hospital stay, even when you have serious heart disease. Peak Heart & Vascular was the first practice in Arizona to provide outpatient surgeries for pacemaker and defibrillator implantation, angioplasty and stenting, and other advanced procedures. Find out more about the benefits of outpatient surgery and the expertise of the Peak Heart & Vascular team by calling the Laveen, Surprise, Avondale, Flagstaff or Phoenix, Arizona offices today or schedule a consultation online.

Outpatient Surgery Q & A

Why would I want to choose a surgery center over a hospital?

At Peak Heart & Vascular, we are pioneers in outpatient surgery for cardiovascular conditions.  We have proven that many procedures traditionally performed in hospitals can be done with the same quality and safety.  Quality and safety are always the top priority.  In fact, we have performed over 10,000 procedures in this type of setting.  Many of our patients prefer this experience over a large hospital which can be intimidating.  Our patients are called the night before the procedure, park right up front, and are met the morning of the procedure by the same person who called to go over the scheduling. We have a top-notch team of nurses and technicians to care for the patient during and after the procedure, and the post-procedure calls are made by these same personnel.  This personal touch is one of the major reasons our patients choose the surgery center setting. 

What types of procedures can be performed in a surgery center?

We perform most types of cardiovascular procedures in our surgery centers.  Some of these include:

  • Heart catheterizations including angioplasty and stenting of coronary arteries. 
  • Heart ablations for certain types of irregular heartbeat
  • Pacemakers and defibrillators (ICD)
  • Loop recorders
  • Lower extremity revascularizations for PAD including all current modalities of treatment (angioplasty, atherectomy, stenting, etc)
  • Varicose vein procedures
  • And many others…

Does it cost more to have my procedure at the surgery center?

No. In fact, the total bill to your insurance company is often half of what it would cost for the exact same procedure performed in the hospital.  Because of this, we have obtained the preferred status on some health plans.  This reduction in cost can mean your co-pay is less as well.   

To find out more about the outpatient surgery facilities available and their benefits, call Peak Heart & Vascular today or request an appointment online.