Varicose Veins

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You recognize varicose veins as the bulging, twisted, reddish-blue veins that appear on your legs. These veins are cosmetically unattractive and can cause pain, leg fatigue, and other complications. The skilled team at Peak Heart & Vascular in Laveen, Surprise, Avondale, Flagstaff, or Phoenix, Arizona, provides all of the most up-to-date treatments for varicose veins, including venous ablation, sealing, and phlebectomy. If you have varicose veins, make an appointment by calling the offices or booking online.


What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins develop when the one-way valves in your veins that return blood to the heart falter. Instead of letting blood flow up your legs, they block this return or send the blood back down into your legs.

The blood then pools in the veins, creating swollen, rippling veins. These twisting pathways can appear blue, purple, or red. Varicose veins often cause your legs to feel heavy, tired, and itchy.

Why should I seek treatment for varicose veins?

Varicose vein treatment isn’t so you feel more confident in a pair of shorts. When untreated, varicose veins increase your risk of:

  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Skin conditions
  • Leg wounds

They may also be a sign of venous insufficiency.

Fortunately, Peak Heart & Vascular offers advanced treatments to help resolve the side effects of varicose veins.

How are varicose veins treated?

One of the first treatments for varicose veins is lifestyle changes that include weight loss and increasing physical activity, so you avoid standing or sitting still for extended periods of time. Peak Heart & Vascular may also suggest wearing medical-grade compression hose to help with discomfort.

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough to resolve the discomfort associated with varicose veins, Peak Heart & Vascular offers several minimally invasive treatments.

The goal of each of the following treatments is to eliminate unsightly, uncomfortable veins by causing the vein walls to collapse and turn into scar tissue that the body absorbs. Your body reroutes your blood flow through other healthy veins to fully restore circulation.

The treatments available for varicose veins include:

Endovenous ablation

To perform endovenous ablation, your provider uses radiofrequency or laser energy to destroy the varicose vein. They make a tiny nick in the vein, insert a catheter, and use ultrasound-guided imaging to find the end of the varicose vein. The heat energy is sent out through the catheter as it’s gently withdrawn, following the entirety of the vein. The heat seals the vein so your body can absorb it.

Vein sealing

Vein sealing or gluing uses a medical adhesive to seal the venous walls. This effectively “turns off” the vein and your body absorbs it.


This minimally invasive procedure requires your doctor to use a small scalpel or needle to make tiny incisions in the skin through which they remove varicose veins that lie just beneath the surface of the leg.

If you have varicose veins, find cosmetic and physical relief with treatments at Peak Heart & Vascular. Call today for your consultation or book online.